Pure Swing Golf features top of the line technologies in a climate controlled indoor facility providing golfers the ability to play, practice and learn regardless of the weather. 

Trackman 4

TrackMan 4 provides measurements of 29 data points including attack angle, club face angle, club path, clubhead speed, ball speed, spin rate, spin axis, and swing direction. This system allows us to compare our student’s data to PGA and LPGA tour players. The Trackman 4 system can also be used for putting practice as well.

GCQuad_Isometric _white.jpg

GC Quad

Foresight's GC Quad is the system that we use to measure the shots that will be shown on our simulator screens. At PSG, we want to provide our players with the most accurate indoor representation of a golf shot that we can. We believe GC Quad is the best performing indoor launch monitor. Quad refers to four high speed cameras within the unit that measure club path, face angle, attack angle, closure rate, ball speed, clubhead speed, etc.

Swing Catalyst

Swing Catalyst is a pressure plate that you stand on while hitting a golf shot that shows pressure distribution throughout the swing. It shows your center of pressure pattern that we can compare to tour players. For example, while hitting a driver at the top of the swing, the best players in the world have an average of 80% of their pressure on their trail foot. By the time they reach impact, they have shifted 80% of their pressure into their lead foot. We use this system in conjunction with high speed cameras so that our players can see where their pressure is in real time in their swing.