Indoor Golf Lessons

Pure Swing Golf is a state-of-the-art indoor training facility in Dallas, Texas founded by professional golfer Anthony Broussard. At PSG, we are committed to player development. We expect our players to make a long-term commitment to our program so we can permanently fix problems in their game. Just like a tour player, our players receive weekly golf lessons using the latest technology in the game including Foresight GC Quad, Swing Catalyst, and high-speed video.

Equipment for playing golf

Our services

What we offer

Pure Swing Golf offers a variety of services to players who are serious about improving their game. Our services include:

·      Full swing lessons

·      Short game and putting lessons

·      Help with pre and post-shot routine

·      Juniors looking to play in college

·      College golfers looking to go pro

·      Course management assistance 


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What sets us apart

Our Approach

Commit to improving your game

We recognize that one golf lesson a month isn’t helpful to players and leads to reverting back to old habits. We see the majority of our players on a weekly basis. We ask them to make a commitment to our process so we can help make long term improvements to their game.  

Our Technology

Why guess when you can measure

Unlike traditional outdoor instruction, the state of the art technology at PSG allows our coaches to measure and evaluate each area of your swing all at once to provide the most efficient golf instruction on the market. Being indoors helps the coach and player be more efficient in a golf lesson because all the technology can be used simultaneously within a small area so that players can practice like professional tour players.

Our Coaches

Learn from the pros

In baseball, football, and basketball, the best coaches are the ones who have played the game professionally. We believe integrating this approach to the game of golf will be most helpful for our players. Our coaches are led by PSG founder and pro golfer, Anthony Broussard, who has experience playing at the highest level including competing in a major championship. Not only can our coaches teach the most efficient techniques in all areas of the game, they can also help you strategize and game plan your way around the golf course.

"Everything at Pure Swing Golf is 1st class. Anthony has reinvigorated my love for the game of golf. I would recommend to anyone who is serious about improving their game to reach out to Anthony."

-  Ryan Z.


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