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Unlike many coaching methodologies based on gimmicks and trends that only produce short-term results, the Pure Swing Golf approach is centered around player development to achieve realistic, long-term goals. 


If you really want to improve, we believe you must commit to making a change in the way your body moves throughout the swing. In order to do this, it takes time.


At PSG, we know everyone has different capabilities, schedules, and goals and that’s why our approach is fully personalized and committed to achieving the most realistic, long-term results for every individual player. Our goal is to help players enjoy golf more by improving their game. 


Before coaching a player, we assess their playing history, physical capabilities, goals, and the amount of time they are willing to practice. With this information, we craft a personalized coaching plan that creates realistic expectations and allows the player to work within their personal restraints to reach their maximum potential.

Call us today at (469) 779-9991 to schedule your swing evaluation and get started improving your game!

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